Our Services


Cotapaxi provides it’s clients with the complete sourcing package! Not only do we manufacture products in house, we source all product lines at a local level. With one of the largest Promotional Product Sourcing Networks in the industry we have the ability to locate almost any item made in China. Cotapaxi has sourced thousands of products for our clients over the years through our sourcing division. If you need an item located, contact us; we would love to assist you in finding any product for a low price. Our offices currently work with thousands of manufacturing facilities around the world.

With local offices, our buying strength and our reputation; we are able to source almost any item being produced at a lower cost.

In addition, Cotapaxi is a member of ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) so if we can’t create it – produce it – or customize it – Cotapaxi has the ability to obtain any product our client needs through this vast network.


With costs rising for raw material and due to the appreciation of the Chinese currency, we need to look to logistics to save money. Our new plant is built in a Free Trade Zone and sits behind a large China Customs gate. Anything sent to this plant is considered an export and anything imported to the plant is exempt from Chinese duty.

Chinese factories want to export all of their products to qualify for the Chinese Export Rebate (11% – 13%). If goods are shipped domestically, the exporter does not qualify for the export rebate and then also has to account for VAT! Up until now, all goods that are produced are exported to follow the above system. With our position in the Free Trade Zone, we can warehouse any exporter’s products in China! All exporters still qualify for their export credit and there is no VAT due. Products can be shipped to our facility and consolidated. Products would be pulled, packed and drop shipped directly out of China.

Our logistics team can deliver your goods from our China factory anywhere in the World in 3 or 30 days!

Drop Shipping by sea:

We can provide a 4 week transit for sea shipments – goods loaded in a container and dropped into the UPS ground system in LA. This would entail:

4 days packing and labeling

3 days loading the container

14 days sailing from China to LA

3 days customs clearing

1 – 5 days to deliver to you!

Drop Shipping by air:

We can provide a 7 – 10 day delivery from China for airfreight shipments!

This would entail:

4 days packing and labeling

2 – 3 days guaranteed delivery to any continental U.S. address

3 – 4 days guaranteed delivery to one of 15 countries in Europe

Contracts in place with UPS for both of these sea and air programs.